3 Tips to Engaging Potential Donors

first_imgToo often nonprofits take the time crafting a new-fangled way of saying “donate now,” and not enough time polishing the context. Here are a few quick tips for building a bridge and engaging with a potential donor before making “the ask”:Make it about them – not about you. Sending a communication that talks exclusively about your organization and its past/needs/annual report is like going on a first date with someone who hasn’t asked you a single question about yourself or commented on what you’re doing. People do love to talk about themselves — this includes your potential donors! Talk to them about relevant news topics, a person in the neighborhood whose predicament is familiar, or help them in some way.Create a benefit exchange. Lay out what’s in it for the donor. While some nonprofits give gift items like wristbands and t-shirts, recognition counts as a benefit, too. Demonstrate that good feeling (which we call “the helper’s high”) a donor can receive from taking action.Send targeted messages. You need to speak directly to your potential donors and let them know that you understand who they are (or at least that you know something about them). For instance, it’s okay to recognize that the economy may be affecting your supporters’ giving habits overall. Follow that up with options for staying involved: encourage smaller monthly gifts, discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities and talk about passing along your message with others who would be interested.last_img read more

How did donations fare in 2009? Down, says Giving USA data out today

first_imgGiving USA today released their data on charitable giving in 2009. You can get a free executive summary here.The highlights:Total estimated charitable giving in the United States dropped 3.6 percent in 2009 (-3.2 percent adjusted for inflation). This reflects the continued recession in 2009, which particularly affected charitable recipients that otherwise receive contributions for new buildings, endowment campaigns, and long-term planning. These include education, arts, foundations, and freestanding donor-advised funds (which are part of public-society benefit). The types of charities that showed estimated growth typically provide immediate services, such as human services, health, inter­national aid, and even environment. Religion showed a very slight decrease. Individual giving fell an estimated 0.4 percent in 2009 (no change adjusted for inflation). Many reports suggest that individual contributions increased toward the very end of the year, as stock market indices rose and as media coverage highlighted the needs faced by charitable organizations.Charitable bequests fell an estimated 23.9 percent in 2009 (-23.6 percent adjusted for inflation). This reflects the unusually high level of bequest giving announced in 2008 by the Internal Revenue Service in its data released in late 2009. The 2009 estimate is $0.58 billion (2.5 percent) above the 2007 estimate.Foundation grantmaking by private, community, and operating foundations fell by 8.9 percent, according to the Foundation Center (-8.6 percent adjusted for inflation). This is a less severe drop than foundations anticipated when the Foundation Center surveyed them early in 2009.Corporate giving rose an estimated 5.5 percent (5.9 percent adjusted for inflation). This unexpected bounce takes corporate giving to within 1 percent of its pre-recession level. According to at least two reports (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Entrepreneurs Foundation), corporations increased their in-kind donations, which are less affected by recessions. This shift explains at least some of the growth.Giving to religion fell an esti­mated 0.7 percent in 2009 (an estimated decrease of 0.3 percent adjusted for inflation).Giving to education declined an estimated 3.6 percent in 2009 (-3.2 percent adjusted for inflation).Giving to foundations dropped an estimated 8 percent (-7.6 percent adjusted for inflation), according to the Foundation Center.Giving to human services rose an estimated 2.3 percent (2.7 percent adjusted for inflation). This seems to reflect efforts that donors made to continue emergency aid services as an increasing number of people suffered from the continuing recession.Giving for health shows an estimated increase, with growth of 3.8 percent (4.2 percent adjusted for inflation).Giving for public-society benefit organizations declined an estimated 4.6 percent (-4.2 percent adjusted for inflation).Giving to arts, culture and humanities organizations dropped an estimated 2.0 percent (-2.4 percent adjusted for inflation).Giving to international affairs (which includes aid, development, and relief activities) increased 6.2 percent (6.6 percent adjusted for inflation).Giving to individuals decreased by 3.6 percent in current dollars in 2009. Most often, these are gifts of medications to patients in need and are made by operating foundations created by pharmaceutical manufacturers.last_img read more

Biggest believers in the value of championing causes? Women.

first_imgEight in ten American women strongly believe in the power of individuals to make a difference by supporting causes, while their male counterparts are more likely to view supporting causes as a fad. This is according to new data from Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication. In addition, American women are more likely than men to believe that supporting causes creates a sense of purpose and meaning in life, makes them feel good about themselves and makes them feel like part of a community. More than four in ten Americans (45%) are actively involved with supporting causes, and women make up a significantly larger part of this group than men. According to the study, “Men and women are generally in agreement when it comes to which particular causes they choose to support. For both, feeding the hungry and supporting our troops are among those that rank the highest, and as expected, gender-related health issues like breast cancer and prostate cancer are significantly more likely to be supported by women and men, respectively. In addition, survey results indicate that women are more compelled to support youth-related causes like bullying and childhood obesity, while men are more likely to support the Tea Party movement.”At Network for Good, we’ve seen some anecdotal evidence that this is true in our friends-to-friends fundraising campaigns at Six Degrees.Here are some additional interesting findings. An overview of the study is here. Thanks to Georgetown for sharing the findings!last_img read more

The Key to More Effective Donor Communication

first_imgMap out how each segment relates to the rest of your audience and which triggers move someone from one group to another. If you don’t have this data, start by talking with your most loyal donors to find out what has them giving year after year. Then, put a plan in place to regularly collect and track this information.How do you make this happen? The right tools can transform your donor communications approach. A donor management or constituent relationship management (CRM) system can help you organize and track these crucial details about your supporters and enable you to segment and communicate with your donors more effectively, strengthening their relationship with you and improving your fundraising results.Want to find out how to combine your online fundraising efforts with better donor management? Learn how Network for Good’s donor management can help you boost individual giving for your nonprofit. To truly connect with donors and inspire them to become a part of the work that you do, you need to speak to them. Really speak to them. This means getting extremely clear on the message you’re trying to send, and making it incredibly relevant to why they care about your mission in the first place.This is why the key to more effective communication is specificity. their giving history/habits.the programs they support.how they came to your organization.their ongoing relationship with your organization.When you can segment your supporters into specific groups that speak to these qualities, you can tailor your messages just for them. A personalized, relevant message will make it much easier for you to break through and hold their attention.For best results, your comprehensive donor communication plan should include: When your emails and other communications are specific, they can be more relevant, interesting, and authentic. Your job as a marketer or fundraiser is to definitively answer the question, “Why me?” You can’t do that with broad and generic messages. Generic messages are not just typically boring; studies have shown that vague statements can introduce skepticism among readers. Definitely not the feeling you want to evoke!How do you make your message more specific, and in turn, more relevant? Think about the unique stories your donors have when they relate to your cause. Group donors into meaningful categories based on: a list of key segments for your organizationhow your organization defines each segmentthe historical and projected fundraising results from each groupthe specific tactics and messages that will help you build relationships with each type of donorlast_img read more

Co-ops, a love story

first_imgI devote a lot of time here to talking about cooperatives, and sometimes people ask me, “But what do cooperatives have to do with freelancers?”I admit the connection between an agricultural cooperative and a freelance bookkeeper might not be immediately obvious. But it is there.And as more and more people join the freelance workforce, I think it will become clear: Freelancers and cooperatives are made for each other.Immediate priorities are to keep expenses down and gigs up.Once you start freelancing, immediate priorities are to keep expenses down and gigs up.Each of those probably has at least 10 categories, but those are two fundamental truths.So you become more conscious of every dollar you spend.Let’s start with work: Though many think about doing it at first, the cost of setting up a fully-equipped office or studio may be hard to swallow.So you join a co-working space. Or, like a group of screen-printers I met in Austin, gather a few people together, buy equipment, and launch your own screen-printing cooperative.That’s just the beginning. Maybe you join a purchasing club, or get together with friends for a big-ticket item, or a vacation. Join a food co-op for the produce, unknowingly become part of a community.Maybe you start rethinking day care–but a few people in your neighborhood also have kids, and before long, you have a babysitting cooperative going. (Members of co-working space NextSpace, in San Francisco, recently set up a babysitting cooperative in the building, called NextKids.)Groceries are another big one, so you join a CSA, because you want high quality food for better prices. Or maybe you join a food co-op.And a funny thing happens. You may join a food co-op for cheaper organic produce, but you unknowingly become part of a community, and a network.Every freelancer knows that aside from keeping costs down and gigs up, being connected to your community and building your personal network are the next priorities on the list.I’m not saying that all freelancers should join cooperatives (well, maybe I am)—but what I would love to see is more freelancers coming together to launch cooperative businesses.It just makes so much sense.last_img read more

Good decision makers look beyond the facts

first_imgFreelancers are continually making strategic business decisions. We have to think long-term about our career progression, make our own career ladders, and ensure that our business stays above water.We live in an age when “data science” is billed as the thing that will save small and large businesses. We assume that the best business owners and leaders rely on reason and cold hard fact to make strategic decisions.But according to a study out of Emory University, this is only true of “average” leaders. The best leaders rely on their emotions and intuitions when making hard choices.“When we examined the best strategic performers in our sample, we found significantly less neural activity in the prefrontal cortex than in the areas associated with “gut” responses, empathy, and emotional intelligence,” Professor Roderick Gilkey found.People who are emotionally intelligent were also able to occupy someone else’s shoes to see how their decision would affect others. Though researchers focus on how this benefits the leader’s employees, I would bet that for a non-employee freelance business, this emotional intelligence allows freelancers to understand both current and future clients better. Taking into account these “soft” intuitions about how others see your brand value will allow you to make smarter business decisions.So how do freelancers learn emotional intelligence? Researchers have found that emotional intelligence can be taught — it just takes time and practice. It involves self-reflection and a desire to connect meaningfully with others, according to psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman.How do you make decisions?last_img read more

Get your copy of ‘The Freelancers Union Guide to Taxes’

first_imgMore than 53 million Americans are now freelancing. That’s one in every three workers.Entire industries have swelled to meet the demand. Co-working spaces like Impact Hub. Gigs boards like Elance-oDesk or Workmarket. Political forces like Freelancers Union.Everyone seems to know freelancing is here to stay — except, of course, the IRS.While the federal government has been trying in recent years to get a handle on how current policies affect this new workforce, it still hasn’t caught up.Filing taxes as a freelancer remains an overwhelming, difficult, and oftentimes infuriating process. Byzantine deductions rules. Double taxation. Personal, professional, and hybrid expenses. 1099s AND W2s. It can all make even the most seasoned freelancer’s head spin.But there’s hope. And help.You aren’t the first freelancer to face the challenge of filing taxes. In writing my new e-book, Freelancers Union’s Guide to Taxes — and the full book, The Freelancer’s Bible — I talked with hundreds of freelancers (and, of course, accountants) to get their insights, tips, and advice.They’ve been down this difficult path before. The Freelancers Union’s Guide to Taxes turns the wisdom of our 250,000-plus members into tangible, actionable, clear advice. And their experiences will help you find your way.Buy your copy at these fine stores. It’s just $1.99 and proceeds go to support the mission of Freelancers Union:Kindle iBooksKoboNOOKGoogle Playlast_img read more

4 steps to on-boarding great clients before you even speak with them

first_imgDecember’s SPARK event focused on helping you cultivate successful client relationships.Along with Freelancers Union, Justine Clay co-authored a dynamic SPARK curriculum to position freelancers to become in-demand and indispensible to their clients. Freelancers met in 18 cities across the United States and shared their secrets for great client relationships.Did you miss the fun on December 2? Never fear: Justine Clay recaps the content here.How many of you became a freelancer so you could do meaningful work for great clients who understood your value?Now let me ask you this: how many of you spend way too much time managing less-than-ideal clients who treat you like a pair of hands, want everything yesterday, and at the cheapest possible price?If the latter sounds familiar, you’re not alone. But help is at hand! As a business coach for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs, I teach creative pros how to craft a message and services that attracts and starts on-boarding ideal clients before you even speak with them.Sound good? It is! Here are 4 ways to attract and convert high-quality prospects into clients right now:1) Identify what makes you stand out from the crowdWhether it’s portrait photography or writing compelling advertising copy, we’re all born with a unique gift. Communicating what you are uniquely equipped to offer is the first step to positioning yourself as an expert and attracting high-quality, high-paying clients. Not sure what your gift is? Start by asking yourself the following questions:What elements of your work do you enjoy the most?What do people come to you for?What problems do you solve?Why would a client work with you instead of someone else?2) Create your ideal client profileWhen you know what your clients struggle with or aspire to, you have all the information you need to create a message that speaks to your ideal client’s needs, makes them feel understood and inspires confidence in your expertise.So how do you find out what your ideal clients struggle with or aspire to? By asking them! Develop a list of 10-20 questions and invite your favorite clients out for coffee and a chat. Be sure to print out your questions and take really good notes.What patterns do you see? Is there a service that people always come to you for? What results do they get from working with you? Is there something they need that you’re not providing?Their answers will help you tailor your services and message so that it meets their specific needs and resonates with other clients like them.Join us for more SPARK events (it’s free!)Become a Freelancers Union member3) Create packages or services that solve their problemsIf you’re not landing as many high-quality clients as you’d like, it’s likely that your potential clients are not getting the information they need in order to make a quick decision in favor of working with you. Take a look at the services you offer and imagine you’re seeing or hearing them for the first time.Do they speak to the challenges your ideal clients have, or read like a laundry list of services that could be found on any one of your competitor’s websites?Building services around the problems you are uniquely equipped to solve AND the specific needs of your ideal clients will help prospects recognize you are the solution to their problem and self-select before you even get on a call with them.4) Answer questions and objections before you speak with prospectsCreating a process that allows you to answer questions and objections before speaking with a client will dramatically increase the number of sales you close. It was a game-changer in my business – here’s my process:When people sign up for a free 20-minute consultation with me, I ask them to do the following:Read the ‘interview with Justine’ on my website, which answers many of the questions and objections they may have. This ensures our time together is focused solely on their business challenges and talking about solutions.Read my client testimonials so they can see the results other clients have got as a result of working with me.Answer a few questions that help me get a sense of where they are, where they want to be and what their challenges are.This process will help you and your client save time and focus on what really matters. What they need and how you can help them get results.If you’ve decided that 2016 is the year you finally bring more freedom, fulfillment and money into your creative business or career, I’d love to chat and see how I can help. Schedule a 20-minute phone consultation with me here and share your business challenges, ask questions and talk about solutions.I can’t wait to help you build the creative business or career of your dreams!Justine Clay has been helping freelance creative talent build thriving careers for more than 15 years. As a business coach for creative professionals at Pitch Perfect, Justine helps her clients define what makes them unique, create a clear marketing message and get more, high-quality, better-paying clients. She is also a regular contributor to the Freelancers Union blog.last_img read more

McLaren’s Eric Boullier calls Honda years a ‘proper disaster’

first_imgThe last three years with Honda have been a “proper disaster” for McLaren’s image but a new deal with Renault will revive the Formula One team’s fortunes, according to racing director Eric Boullier.The former champions announced last week that they were ending the relationship with Honda and starting afresh with the French engines from the 2018 season.McLaren, who were dominant with Honda in the late 1980s and early 1990s, are currently ninth of 10 teams in the championship and have not won a race since 2012, when they had Mercedes power.”When you look at the last three years it’s been a proper disaster for us in terms of credibility and getting new sponsors,” Boullier told the official Formula One website (www.formula1.com).”In the next five years I am absolutely sure that we will go back to where McLaren belongs. And with this bouncing back we get our credibility back and it will rebuild our sponsor portfolio.”It might take two to three years,” he added.The teams’ share of revenues is distributed on a sliding scale relating to their championship position over a number of seasons, as well as fixed payments to top teams like McLaren for historical performance.Boullier said McLaren’s shareholders — Bahrain’s Mumtalakat holding company and Saudi-born businessman Mansour Ojjeh — had been brave to take a sporting choice “and not hurt McLaren.””They could have said, ‘Let’s wait until Honda wakes up’,” added the Frenchman.The decision to split followed a number of missed targets but Boullier said a crucial moment came after pre-season testing when it became clear that Honda were off the pace.advertisementHonda motorsport head Masashi Yamamoto, whose company will move to Red Bull-owned Toro Rosso, has accused McLaren of being a ‘systematic’ company that can find change hard to deal with.Boullier denied that the two had been ‘talking past each other’ but said that he sometimes acted as peacemaker to help bridge the culture gap. He recognised the separation had not been easy.”The whole story for them, as it was for us, was to recreate the legacy of the past. On paper everything looked right. Just the way it’s been done was not right,” he said.”We can’t wait — but they (Honda) can get the reward with somebody else. I am so glad that they have decided to stay in Formula One and commit to another team.”last_img read more

Paraguay recall Oscar Cardozo for World Cup qualifiers

first_imgVeteran Club Libertad striker Oscar Cardozo has been recalled to Paraguay’s national squad for the team’s final 2018 World Cup qualifiers against Colombia and Venezuela.The 34-year-old former Benfica player replaces Lucas Barrio, who injured his right thigh while playing for Brazil’s Gremio, the Paraguayan Football Association said in a statement, reports Xinhua news agency.The announcement is another blow to the Guaranies, who were already hit by the withdrawal of Atlanta United midfielder Miguel Almiron because of a hamstring injury.Paraguay, seventh in South America’s CONMEBOL standings with 21 points from 16 matches, will play Colombia away on Thursday before hosting Venezuela five days later.The top four teams in the group will automatically qualify for next year’s World Cup in Russia while the fifth-ranked side will book a play-off spot.last_img read more

Chipko movement founder Sunderlal Bahuguna: The defender of Himalayas turns 90

first_imgSunderlal Bahuguna, a noted environmentalist who initiated the Chipko Movement, was born on January 9, 1927. The man who has been fighting for the preservation of forests in the Himalayas celebrates his 90th birthday today. Bahuguna is also known for coining the Chipko slogan ‘ecology is permanent economy’.”Embrace the trees and Save them from being felled; The property of our hills, Save them from being looted.” On his 90th birthday today, let’s know what the Chipko Movement or the forest conservation movement was:The Chipko movement had started in the early 18th century in Rajasthan. A local woman, Amrita Devi, risked her life along with 84 villagers to protect the forest trees from being cut on the order of the kingThe movement practiced the Gandhian method of SatyagrahaIt began, in the 20th century, in the hills where forests are the main source of livelihoodThe first Chipko action took place in April 1973 in the village of Mandal and spread over the next five years to many Himalayan districtsDemand of the villagers to use wood for making agricultural products had been denied by the government. The movement sparked after the government decided to allot a plot of forest area in the Alaknanda valley to a sports goods companyWith the help from a local NGO, the women of the area went into the forest and formed a circle around the trees, protecting them from the men who came to cut down the treesThe women kept an all-night vigil, guarding their trees until all of them leftadvertisementBy then, the news of this movement have had spread to nearby villages and more people joined inThe success achieved by this protest led to similar protests in other parts of the countryDhoom Singh Negi, Bachni Devi and many other village women were the first to save trees by hugging them. They even coined the slogan ‘What do the forests bear? Soil, water and pure air’Sunderlal Bahuguna, a Gandhian activist and philosopher, also appealed to the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, to implement a ban on cutting down the treesHis appeal resulted in a 15-year ban on chopping of green trees in 1980In the year, 1981, he refused to accept the Padma ShriIn the year, 2009, he was honoured with the Padma Vibhushan. Interested in General Knowledge and Current Affairs? Click here to stay informed and know what is happening around the world with our G.K. and Current Affairs section.To get more updates on Current Affairs, send in your query by mail to education.intoday@gmail.comlast_img read more

HTC U12 will not be announced at MWC 2018: Report

first_imgAfter having launched the HTC U11 EYEs earlier this month, all eyes (pun intended) are now on the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone for 2018, the U12. HTC is expected to unveil the successor to last year’s U11 in the first half of this year, and the popular opinion was that the company would do this at MWC in February. However, a new report confirms that HTC will not be launching the U12 at MWC 2018 and added that the company will be holding a separate event after.Citing an “inside source,” Android Headlines reports that HTC is planning to hold a standalone event after MWC to unveil the U12. This is perhaps to avoid being overshadowed by Samsung which will be unveiling the Galaxy S9 a day ahead of MWC. While no date has been mentioned as yet, it is possible that HTC could unveil its flagship sometime in March or April. The source did not confirm the name of the phone as well, but in all likelihood it will be called the U12. There hasn’t been a lot of rumours about the U12, but a leaked render of the phone did make an appearance earlier this month that suggested that the phone will sport and edge-to-edge design similar to the HTC U11+.The U11 from last year came with a traditional 16:9 display, but HTC updated it to meet the current trend with the U11+ that came with an 18:9 display. The upcoming U12 is also expected to sport a bezel-less design. The U11 series introduced the Edge Sense feature that allows you to squeeze the frame to perform certain actions. The feature is expected to come to the U12 as well.advertisementALSO READ: HTC U12 render reveals bezel-less display, expected to launch in first half of 2018The HTC U12 is expected to come with all the high-end hardware trimmings including a Snapdragon 845 chipset, dual rear camera setup, metal and glass design, and IP68 certification for water and dust resistance among other things. It is also expected to come with Android Oreo out-of-the-box. The U12 will be among a handful of smartphones that HTC plans to launch this year as the company aims to focus its R&D and marketing efforts on high-end and upper mid-range models.<br />last_img read more

Jhulan Goswami, first woman to pick 200 ODI wickets, remembers her 1st scalp

first_imgJhulan Goswami, on Wednesday, became the first female cricketer to take 200 ODI wickets and with that, India beat South Africa by 178 runs in the second one day international to take an unbeatable 2-0 lead in the three-match series in South Africa.The 35-year-old achieved the feat in her 166th ODI when she dismissed South Africa women opener Laura Wolvaardt for nine runs in the final ball of her third over.Also with the ODI series win against South Africa, India secured a direct entry into the 2021 World Cup, despite playing their first series since their loss in the final of the 2017 Women’s World Cup.ALSO WATCHReflecting on the achievement, Jhulan said that she was only focussing on the process this time around and the wickets just followed.”Honestly speaking, when I was only three wickets away from being the highest wicket-taker in the world, I was keeping a count. I took a long time to cross that milestone, but this time I was not counting. I was concentrating only on my processes. If my process is right, then wickets will follow,” the International Cricket Council (ICC) website quoted Jhulan as saying.Jhulan revealed that she remembered each of her 200 wickets, right from 2002 when she began her international career. In fact, she spoke at length about her first wicket and said they are all important for her.”I remember each of my 200 wickets, right from the beginning of my international career in 2002. I still remember I got (Caroline) Atkins (the then England opener) out, caught in the slips. Mithali (Raj) was in the slip and she caught that catch. Whenever I bowl at a crucial time in the match and end a partnership, it becomes special for me. I cannot pick one. All the wickets are planned. Every wicket is important.”advertisementWhile Goswami was happy with her personal achievement, she said that the focus was on winning the games as they were looking to qualify for the ICC Women’s World Cup 2021.”Whatever milestone you have achieved, it feels good (only) when you are on the winning side. It was important for us to win. The points are important as it is the ICC Women’s Championship, a qualifying event for the ICC Women’s World Cup 2021. So, more than the 200 wickets, it was important to take the two points from each and every match,” Jhulan added.It was also the 250th ODI of the Women’s team and India posted 302/3 on the board; their second total in excess of 300 in ODIs. Smriti Mandhana, who was adjudged Player of the Match in the first game, hit a sparkling century and now became the first Indian woman opener to score three ODI hundreds.The India women will now play the inconsequential ODI of the three-match series against South Africa on February 10 at the Senwes Park, Potchefstroom.(With inputs from ANI)last_img read more

Watch: Mouni Roy pulls rumoured beau Mohit Raina’s leg

first_imgDevon Ke Dev Mahadev actor Mohit Raina and actress Mouni Roy who have always remained secretive about their relationship were recently seen together at the screening of Mohit’s new show 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897, which will premiere today on Discovery Jeet.The Naagin actress praised the show that is based on Battle of Saragarhi, which was fought between Sikh soldiers of the British Indian Army and Pashtun Orakzai tribesmen in 1897. She said, “It’s a brilliant show. It’s very good locations are real.”For the show Mohit has changed his looks and is sporting a heavily bearded look. Mouni also made fun of Mohit’s beard and said, “Look at him. He looks like a bear. Already he is so huge and on top of that all that hair.”The actress was in a mood to pull Mohit’s leg. She added, “Imagine if he was wearing all black.”The duo have come together on camera after a long time but it was fun seeing their funny banter. Mohit was mostly seen laughing at Mouni’s funny jibes.Mouni and Mohit are rumoured to be dating for close to seven years now. The two first met on the sets of Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev, and developed a liking for each other. For years, the couple maintained a stoic silence on the status of their relationship, neither denying nor accepting it.Watch the video here:last_img read more

IPL 2018: Happy I’ll bowl to MS Dhoni at nets rather than in a match, says Mitchell Santner

first_imgMahendra Singh Dhoni has the reputation of being one of the greatest finishers in limited-overs cricket.Even at the age of 36, Dhoni is still as dangerous with the bat as any in world cricket.His power and ability to clear the ropes at will makes him of the most feared batsman in the world which is why Mitchell Santner is just glad to be bowling to him in the nets in this year’s Indian Premier League.”I’m happy I’ll be bowling to (MS) Dhoni in the nets rather than in a match like I have been,” Mitchell Santner was quoted as saying by chennaisuperkings.com ahead of his maiden IPL season.Santner was bought by Chennai Super Kings in the IPL Auction 2018 last month at his base price of Rs 50 lakh.”I’m definitely looking forward to joining the culture at CSK, talking to and playing alongside experienced players such as skipper Dhoni, (Suresh) Raina and (Ravindra) Jadeja in a great team environment,” added the all-rounder.The 26-year-old came to notice here in India when, playing in his maiden World T20 game, he picked up 4 wickets for 11 runs against the Men in Blue to lead New Zealand to victory by 47 runs in the first Super 10 match at Nagpur in 2016.He finished the tournament as the third-most successful bowler with 10 wickets in 5 matches at an average of 11.40 with his career-best performance coming against Dhoni’s team.Last year though, he could not replicate his World T20 success in the country when the Black Caps toured India for the limited-overs series. He managed just 4 wickets in the 3 ODIs and got just 1 wicket from three T20Is.advertisementThis year though, the Hamilton-born left-arm spinner climbed to the top of the T20I bowling rankings for the first time in January and also unveiled his version of the carrom ball, dubbed the ‘claw’, a delivery that he flicks out of his fingers.”I’ve been lucky enough to play in India in all three formats and have had some reasonable success along the way against some of the best players going around, so I’m looking to draw on some of that experience in the upcoming IPL,” he continued.”I enjoy bowling in India because the conditions can benefit spinners on some slower wickets and playing in front of packed out stadiums full of fans is also something you don’t get back home.”Under Dhoni, CSK won the IPL in 2010 and 2011 and the Champions League Twenty20 in 2010 and 2014. CSK also finished runners-up four times in the IPL. Overall, Dhoni has led CSK in 129 matches with victories coming in 78 of them.Dhoni played for Rising Pune Supergiant in the last two seasons as CSK were serving out their ban from the IPL but the Ranchi cricketer didn’t taste much success as captain in Pune with just 5 wins in 14 matches and the franchise finished seventh in the eight-team tournament in the team’s debut season in 2016.This led to Dhoni’s removal from the post and the reins were handed over to Australia’s Steve Smith for the 2017 season, who finished runners-up to Mumbai Indians last year.Dhoni’s recent form in the shortest format for India, especially his strike rate, has also come under criticism with some even suggesting the former captain let youngsters take his place in the squad even though he averages over 38 in T20Is since January 2017.He may be playing the final innings of his career at the international stage but once he dons the yellow jersey in April, CSK will once again look up to Dhoni to weave his magic with the bat and from behind the stumps.last_img read more

Water supply priority for drinking and sanitation: IPL

first_imgMumbai, Mar 7 (PTI) The Bombay High Court today reiterated that in times of water scarcity and drought, the priority for water supply would be given to domestic consumption purposes, such as drinking and sanitation, by Maharashtra state.A bench of Justice A S Oka and RI Chagla said that in cases of conflict over the category that an event or activity must be classified into, the authorities must look at what the dominating purpose of such event was.”In a case like the present, we have to check what the dominating purpose of the Indian Premiere League (IPL) is. It is either a sports activity, or a commercial activity and therefore, will rank last on the water supply priority list,” the bench said.”However, the IPL organisers cant say that since they use this water not just for pitch maintenance but also for the toilets and sanitation in the stadiums, it must get top priority,” it said.The bench was hearing a Public�Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by the NGO Loksatta Movement, opposing the IPL matches scheduled in Mumbai and some other cities in Maharashtra in the year 2016, because of the prevailing drought-like situation in Maharashtra at the time.While the 2016 matches were shifted out of the state following the HCs order, the PIL had also urged the court to ensure that the provisions of the state as well as the national water policy were adhered to for the IPL matches in the future.Maharashtras own water policy and the national water policy mandates that when it comes to water supply, the first priority must be given to drinking and sanitation purposes, the second to agriculture, third to industrial needs, the fourth to sports, and the last to religious, and recreational activities.advertisementOn a previous hearing, the high court had directed the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) and the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) to clarify whether the IPL was a sports activity or a recreational activity.The high court said that it would decide upon the same following a detailed hearing next Tuesday.The MCA, meanwhile, has maintained that irrespective of its placement on the water priority list, it will not use potable water either purchased privately, or provided by the civic body, for watering the pitches and for other maintenance work at the Wankhede stadium during this years Indian Premiere League matches. PTI AYA NSK KJ KJlast_img read more

Looking at nothing less than a Gold in CWG: Manpreet

first_imgNew Delhi, Mar 27 (PTI) India hockey team skipper Manpreet Singh today said his team is eyeing nothing less than a gold medal at the next months Commonwealth Games after settling for silver twice in the last two editions. “We are looking at nothing less than a Gold Medal at the CWG. We have lost two consecutive Finals in the previous editions to Australia but this time we want to aim for a better colour of medal,” said Manpreet before leaving alongwith the team for Gold Coast today. “The team went through an intense preparation camp with focus on specific areas that required improvement. Now it will be all about executing the plans we have against each team to perfection and remain consistent throughout the tournament,” asserted the 25-year-old midfielder. Indian Mens Team is grouped in Pool B along with Pakistan, Malaysia, Wales and England. They will begin their campaign on April 7 against arch-rivals Pakistan. Brimming with confidence, the Indian womens hockey teams also left for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games beginning on April 4. Both the teams received a warm send-off from Hockey India officials, friends and family members of the players who were present at the IGI Airport. The teams were based out of the Sports Authority of India, Bengaluru for the National Camp where the sides, under their respective coaching staff, underwent rigorous preparations for the quadrennial event. With Commonwealth Games being first of the many major tournaments this year, both the teams are looking to set the momentum for the rest of the year and are hopeful to achieve their targets in Australia.advertisement The Indian womens side will take on Wales on April 5. “I dont think any team is easy to beat. Every match will be challenging but to begin with a victory will be ideal. We are going for the CWG as serious contenders for a Medal. We are hungry to win and build on our reputation as Asian Champions,” Rani said. “We have left no stone unturned in our preparations and have worked on every area that has bothered us in the past. Both men and womens team was in Delhi on Monday and Tuesday prior to our departure so some of us had the opportunity of meeting our family members. Now our excitement has doubled and we carry the good wishes of the entire nation.” The Womens Team is grouped in Pool A along with Wales, Malaysia, England and South Africa. PTI ATK ATK ATKlast_img read more

TV couple Shabir Ahluwalia and Kanchi Kaul’s latest picture will give you couple goals

first_imgKumkum Bhagya actor Shabir Ahluwalia and his wifey dear Kanchi Kaul are one of the cutest couples that telly world has today. They love to travel, explore new places and spend quality time with each other whenever possible.Also we can say, that they are not at all camera shy and love to indulge in public display of affection on social media; as they keep posting pictures on their Instagram accounts.Recently, Shabir posted a picture with Kanchi and captioned it as, “Getting cheeky …. #weekendvibes #lover.”The couple got married in 2011 and have two beautiful kids – Azai and Ivaar.Kanchi and Shabbir reportedly met through their common friend Ekta Kapoor and dated for a while before settling down in matrimony. They are complete adventure freaks. They often post pictures on social media indulging in adventure sports.Talking about work, Kanchi has starred in serials like Ek Ladki Anjaani Si and Maayka. While, Shabir is currently seen in the popular show Kumkum Bhagya as Abhi.last_img read more

After French Open snub, Serena Williams could get Wimbledon seeding

first_imgSerena Williams could still be seeded at this year’s Wimbledon championships despite being snubbed by French Open organisers, the All England Club said on Tuesday.The American is expected to play at Roland Garros next week, where she has won the title three times, but without being seeded she could conceivably meet champion Jelena Ostapenko in the first round.The French Tennis Federation (FFT) confirmed on Tuesday that its seedings would be based on the latest WTA rankings.Williams, who has won 23 grand slam singles titles, is ranked a lowly 453rd after returning to action this year following the birth of her daughter last September.She has not played a tournament since Miami in March and pulled out of the claycourt events in Madrid and Rome.While the French Open sticks rigidly to rankings, Wimbledon’s tennis sub-committee allows itself some wiggle room.The men’s seedings is usually based on ATP rankings in conjunction with a formula based on grasscourt results over the previous two years. In contrast, the women’s seedings usually follow the WTA rankings list but can be tweaked by the All England Club in special circumstances.”The seeding order follows the WTA ranking list, except where in the opinion of the committee, a change is necessary to produce a balanced draw,” is the All England Club’s official line on its website.Williams has already benefited from this rule in the past as in 2011 she was ranked 25th before the start of Wimbledon but seeded seventh for the championships.advertisementThe Wimbledon seedings committee will meet to discuss the order of the 32 seeds on June 26.The tournament begins on July 2.Williams has won Wimbledon seven times but missed last year’s tournament while she was on maternity leave.Despite her lowly ranking she will be able to compete at Roland Garros under the WTA’s protected ranking rule, which allows athletes returning from long absences to gain entry into tournaments using the ranking they had when they stopped playing.last_img read more

Wimbledon: Isner to take on Anderson in first Grand Slam semi-final

first_imgJohn Isner reached his first Grand Slam semi-final as he beat Canadian Milos Raonic 6-7(5) 7-6(7) 6-4 6-3 in a clash of the giants at Wimbledon on Wednesday.The 33-year-old American saved two set points in the second set tiebreak to avoid going two sets down and then took control of the match to continue his dream run at the All England Club.Isner has taken 41 Grand Slams to reach his first semi-final — one less than compatriot Sam Querrey who reached the milestone a year ago at Wimbledon.He had never gone beyond the third round at Wimbledon in nine previous attempts but has been in sparkling form this time and will harbour genuine hopes of going at least a stage further with South African Kevin Anderson, rather than eight-time champion Roger Federer, waiting in the semis.Once he levelled the match against 2016 runner-up Raonic, ninth seed Isner began to dominate and he gained the first service break of the match at 2-2 in the third set when he crunched a deep return that the Canadian could not handle.Isner wobbled when serving at 5-4, a double-fault giving Raonic a rare break point, but he salvaged the situation with a booming ace before moving a set from victory.In a slightly surreal atmosphere, with hundreds of empty seats on Court One due to England’s soccer World Cup semi-final with Croatia having kicked off, Isner dominated the fourth.He moved 5-3 ahead with another break and spared himself any nerves as he broke Raonic again to seal the win.advertisementlast_img read more